8 Tips for traveling alone

Don't do this kind of activities while you do traveling :

1. Too enjoyed listening to music

Gapping ears with earphones when traveling alone is extremely risky. Because you can't hear anything while on the road. For example, on the train, could be the announcement of inaudible due to sound of music lights up too large.

Put up the music too loud and then it's too engrossed to hear music also makes you vulnerable to theft. The level of vigilance you tend to be lower when compared to hear music while not hearing music. So it's ok to listen to music while traveling, just don't get heard no activity around.

2. Take photos everywhere

Because of his own time, dealing with the police is not a fun.So, watch for the sign before photographing, Yes!

3. Make small things with local residents

While there is little beggar asking for spare change or drink to You, better give him. Also don't be too cruel, too when the bid price. Because, traveling alone makes you more vulnerable when in public areas. 

4. Too drunk

Spend the night at a bar or nightclub can be one way solo traveler interacts with other tourists. But be careful, too much drinking in fact will bring problems.

In many places, the circulation of drugs and itself is vast. So be kind to keep yourself when traveling alone.

Too drunk might make You framed drugs, prostitution, theft of money, too. 

5. Act frivolously

Traveling alone means there is no one else who will remind. Thus,apply reckless strongly not recommended.

Make sure you know whether the destination safely, either during the day or night. Also, don't forget to avoid driving around the city or region as such prone times of night.

6. Don't have information about the destination

Never come to a place without any knowledge. Because, traveling alone and not knowing information about the destinations will only ruin your vacation. Find out the good side and the bad destination will make the holidays more orderly and run more smoothly.

7. Wear too flashy jewelry

One of the things not to do when traveling alone is wearing too much jewelry and flashy. It certainly caught the attention of the bad guys to take your jewelry. 

8. Open your wallet in a public place

Do not open the wallet in a public place!

Your wallet is one of the most sought items the thieves. As much as possible avoid opening wallets in public places. Safer, prepare all the money and time before leaving for spare change. Put on some pants, shirt pocket or purse. So, you don't need to bother to spend money from his wallet while it is need in the middle of the road.

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